Company Focus

There are urgent clinical, practical and economical needs for better performing artificial vascular grafts in CAB surgery.

The ArtiFex vascular graft aims to provide a much better alternative to the venous saphenous and synthetic artificial grafts that are currently in use. It is a multi-layered vascular prosthesis consisting of an outer scaffold mesh made of cobalt-chrome with several layers of cellulose on the inside. The patented cellulose layering is fully permeable for selected cells yet blood tight. Preliminary preclinical tests have shown that the graft becomes like a living artery within 4 weeks as cells and small neo-vessels start to turn the scaffold into living tissue. The cellulose layer is antithrombogenic and does not cause any immune reaction. It targets a high patency rate similar to an artery and better than vein grafts. The graft shows comparable elasticity and burst strength to arteries of a similar diameter. Can be produced well in advance and can be stored at room temperature, ready off the shelf use (no seeding or cell expansion needed).