ArtiFex Medical GmbH is a medical spin-off company originating from the University Hospital Basel. The company is developing a ground-breaking innovation for artificial vascular grafts that can be used for coronary and peripheral bypasses, as well as haemodialysis shunt surgery.


In 20% of coronary bypass surgeries there is insufficient autologous arterial material available. Today there are no artificial vascular grafts approved for the use in coronary bypass surgery. The great saphenous vein that is used instead shows significant clinical limitations in terms of the long term patency rate and occlusion. In peripheral bypass and hemodialysis shunt surgery, both the use of autologous material as well as approved artificial vascular grafts show similar clinical issues in terms of patency rate, thrombogenicity, and endothelization.


The ArtiFex Vascular Graft combines a unique patented cellulose coating with an alloy scaffold to create a superior and cost-competitive new artificial graft.

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